Re-launch of website and Titanium FUBi

This is the day for our new website and for opening up for pre-orders on Titanium FUBi.

Some time ago we had a campaign on Kickstarter with the idea of getting the necessary funds for starting production of the Titanium FUBi. Unfortunately this campaign did not succeed as it proved much more difficult to do than we had anticipated at first. One the main reason for this failure being the KS policy that one has to pay for the whole product in advance. This proved in our case to be too steep for most people as a pre-order fee would actually be more appropriate as you do not need to pay, but a small part, before the actual delivery of your FUBi

This time we have used to our advantage by improving FUBi in many ways, among them the most important one, that no separate tools or spanners are anymore needed for the folding and unfolding of FUBi! In addition the folding time has been simplified and the folding process speeded up so that FUBi is now more functional than before.

The most important thing though being that the production of the Titanium FUBi has been prepared as far as possible, this without actually staring production. We are therefore confident that we will be able to deliver.

And yes we also have totally new website. We hope you like it.



by Ulf