FUBi designed for safety

The safety aspects of FUBi.

FUBi designed for safety.

To design a bicycle to be safe is in a way obvious because who would like to ride a bicycle that is not safe. At the same time it would be easy to compromise the safety for apparent advantages in for example the fold-ability.

On the other hand a “good” bicycle implies a safe bicycle. Also, a safe bicycle is not only the same as one having good brakes. If that would be the case all bicycles with brakes would be safe and this is not necessarily the case.
And one important consideration is that with increased speed come also more strict requirements for a bicycle to be safe, because if anything goes wrong at high speed the consequences can be very severe.

In short terms safety in a bicycle is about good handling properties (including brakes), about strong enough construction to handle different impacts and loads and finally about good functionality.

With fold-ability comes the additional requirement that you want the bicycle to be safe irrespective of this fold-ability.

In FUBi this aspect is covered so that the fold-ability of FUBi doesn’t affect the safety thus:

  • In FUBi the brakes are engaged at all times even after unfolding and having removed the wheels. Therefor it is not possible in normal use to start riding without brakes.
  • The wheels will not fall of or become partly unscrewed because the wheel bolt will automatically be tightened while riding. The right side bolts has right hand treads and the left side bolts has left hand treads. There is not even a need for the ride/user to tighten them as this will happen by itself while riding.
  • There is a king bolt that hold the frame together at the head tube. This bolt is not only essential for keeping the frame together with the front fork but also for the good torsional stiffness of the FUBi frame. If the rider/user forgets to tighten this bolt this is immediately felt as lack of torsional stiffness in the frame.  It is therefore not possible to leave this bolt untightened and not notice this and then to take corrective measure.
  • From a safety standpoint the handlebar and the whole front fork is the most important part of a bicycle. In FUBi the handlebar, although foldable/dividable is designed to be as strong as an undivided handlebar by using a similar bayonet system as used on sailplanes when connecting the two wings.

Subjective bike safety is about good riding features.
FUBi has a good and stable hands off steering geometry and a more even weight distribution between front and back wheels. Too much weight on the back wheel(s) compared to the front wheel(s) makes any vehicle oversteering and therefore more difficult to handle.
FUBi can be ridden in a more upright sitting position when in city traffic, it has effective brakes and it has its very own fast shift derailleur system. With this unique derailleur system down shifting from highest to lowest gear can be accomplished within one crank revolution! This is perfect for city traffic where there is often a need for this because of frequently occurring sudden stops and slowdowns.
Therefore FUBi is very well suited for town and city traffic.

Ulf /the FUBi man

by Ulf