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Built in titanium

Titanium is the ultimate space age material used in modern airplanes.This high strength metal is as strong as steel but has only half steel’s density. Titanium is long-lasting and durable, extremely resistant to corrosion and will not rust therefore it can be left unpainted. Titanium bike frames will not break like carbon fibers. All these unique properties make titanium the perfect material for FUBi frames. With a titanium frame your FUBi bike is strong, light, and durable. It is say that titanium frames will outlast the owner.

FUBI speed test


The compact fold

This is really what Fubi is about: Compactness! The frame is so small that it fits into a tennis racket bag.
This optimum compactness makes things that have been impossible before into a reality. FUBi fits in most small places like under bed, in a car, in a storage looker and even in a kitchen cabinet.

Folds under 2 minutes!

Frame folded 85x30x20cm!!


How it folds “the compact way”



The Fast fold

This is the faster way to fold FUBi that you can use when you don’t need it to be compact for example to put it the trunk of a car or to store it at you home.

Folds in under 1min!

No tool required on the production model

Only 85x85x20cm folded!



How it folds “the fast way”


The FUBi fast-shift derailleur

The patented frame of FUBi has its own new derailleur system


The Narrow hubs and bearing system of FUBi

50mm wide hubs!

Narrow frame where the wheel bearings are part of the frame (not the hubs)
Uses high quality deep-groove bearing with longer life-span and low rolling-resistance!

FUBi patents

The FUBi is patented in EU, USA,  and China.



The actual folding of the cycle occurs in a whole new way. When the bike is folded, it is near-optimum compact, which means that it takes as little space as possible with all the existing parts. Fubi is so compact when it is folded, that it is possible to store up to three  FUBi under an ordinary bed, or up to  8-10 FUBi in an ordinary family car.

FUBi is comfortable to ride, it is stable and safe. With these characteristics FUBi is also fully compareble with “regular” bikes, not just with folded bikes.

FUBi will be available in two different sizes FUBi 25 and FUBi 27.



Frame: FUBi titanium collapsible frame consisting of 7 different frame parts, loose free pivots to accommodate folding and an extra diagonal part for stability, quick release on chain-stay /saddle-stay connection and on diagonal stay connection.

Total Weight: 9kg

Fork: FUBi fork with integrated head-tube as part of the fork.

Head-tube: FUBi special and integrated with front fork by the bearing assembly.

Bottom bracket: No traditional bottom bracket cassette! The bottom bracket bearings are directly fitted in the frame, with a straight crank axis through.

Derailleur: FUBi Fast-Shift derailleur, 7 or 8 gears.



Handlebars: FUBi crossing and dividable handlebar with quick release.

Brakes: Rim brakes, FUBi H type brake calipers,

Wheels FUBi 27″: Rim 622, tire 23-622(700x23C),

Wheels FUBi 25″: Rim 571, tire 23-571(so called Triathlon size),

Hubs: FUBi hubs and without moving parts, M12 R on the right side, M10L on the left side. 36  spokes.

Crank set: Open, 48t or 52t chain ring

Specifications are subject to change. Which isn’t a bad thing, as we will be looking for the best workable solutions and parts in order to make FUBi into a really cool experience.