New product from Fubicom soon on Kickstarter

We are still pursuing the FUBi concept but we are now also introducing a new product the FUBifixie. The idea with FUBi folding fixie is to transform your normal bike into a folding bike without sacrificing riding performance or geometry. This by changing only the frame to a folding one. We been working really hard lately […]

FUBi exhibits at LikeBike
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FUBi stand at LikeBike

At the first Like Bike, Monte-Carlo trade show FUBi stand was catching visitors and expositors attention. Couple of other brands had six bicycles on a stand but much crowder layout and none amongst 92 expositors brought a tandem. FUBi Tandem is a folding tandem and could as well be obtained from two FUBi using FUBi Tandem […]

NITERACE, LikeBike, Monte-Carlo
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NiteRace at Monaco

Exhibiting at LikeBike, Fubicom took place in the race event as well. It was nicely organized, FUBi was an attraction on the site. Cyclists and audience approached asking about it. Amongst collapsable bicycles Moulton performed better then FUBi prototypes, being the best one built so far fitted with HED wheels. Experienced racers helped as well. It […]

Grimaldi Forum
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FUBi at Grimaldi Forum, LikeBike, Monte-Carlo

At the stage of a new trade show, Fubicom presents FUBi Titanium as exhibitor. Visitors of our stand will be in position to take a coupon and apply for discount through a launch of -35% promotional campaign. Like Bike Monte-Carlo hosts 92 exhibitors and we are the only one with a tandem and of course it’s folding! […]


Re-launch of website and Titanium FUBi

This is the day for our new website and for opening up for pre-orders on Titanium FUBi. Some time ago we had a campaign on Kickstarter with the idea of getting the necessary funds for starting production of the Titanium FUBi. Unfortunately this campaign did not succeed as it proved much more difficult to do […]


FUBi designed as an road bike

Road bikes are built for speed, so are also racing bikes. But a foldable road bike and a foldable racing bike? Does this at all make any sense? Well , it can make perfect sense to have road bike features on a full sized foldable bike like FUBi. The interesting thing about road bikes are […]


The philosophy behind FUBi

Priority determines what you get. Therefore in FUBi we have focused on getting the order of importance right. The bicycle is probably one of mankind’s more important inventions. It is the most energy efficient means of transport there is. It is good for exercise and fresh air. And when it comes to moving oneself from […]


FUBi designed for safety

The safety aspects of FUBi. FUBi designed for safety. To design a bicycle to be safe is in a way obvious because who would like to ride a bicycle that is not safe. At the same time it would be easy to compromise the safety for apparent advantages in for example the fold-ability. On the […]