About us

After beening stolen of several bicyles the Inventor Ulf Laxström had enuff..
So he created FUBI!

The basic idea with FUBi was this: a foldable bicycle that was very easy to store inside due to optimum compactness and at the same time would retain all the functionality and styling of standard full-sized bicycles!

In order to obtain this optimum compactness a totally new (and patented) collapsible frame was devised where the aim was to reduce the volume of the folded “package” as much as possible. I.e. optimum compactness!
Since then we have perfected and even come up when new solutions to make FUBi much more attractive and easyer to use.

The company

FUBicom Ab Oy is a commany based in Finland, Vaasa. We are a very passionate team that work with the end customer in mind.

FUBI patents

FUBi has patents rigths in EU,USA and China. Japan is pending