The philosophy behind FUBi

Priority determines what you get. Therefore in FUBi we have focused on getting the order of importance right.

The bicycle is probably one of mankind’s more important inventions. It is the most energy efficient means of transport there is. It is good for exercise and fresh air. And when it comes to moving oneself from one point to another it is the most environmental friendly there is.

Apart from all the good sides with bicycles and bicycling, bicycles have some pains and disadvantages related to it. Bicycle theft is one of these pains. So are bicycle storage, parking and transport. In addition to these major ones there are others like maintenance, durability, functionality and so on.

Therefore the base of the philosophy behind FUBi was to keep as much of the good parts as possible and to reduce and or address the pains and disadvantages as much as possible.

The good and enjoyable part is the ride. This is the purpose of a bicycle. This is why we buy and use bicycles. 🙂

From this observation stems the order of priorities used when constructing and designing FUBi. Therefore in FUBi it makes perfect sense that the most important priority is the ride itself, meaning that FUBi had to be a full-sized bicycle with a good ride-ability! For example anything with small wheels would not be as good as it would compromise the ride.

In order to address the major pains like theft, storage and transports as effectively as possible optimum compactness become second priority. That is to say, that by reducing the volume of a full sized bicycle really significantly it finally becomes possible to address these pains. Because when something as big as a full sized bicycle becomes small enough all sort of things become possible, things that have not been possible before.

For example, when you have a FUBi you do not have to leave your bicycle outside, where it can be subjected to theft, because you can take it inside thanks to the really small volume it occupies when folded. You can always find a place for FUBi like in a corner, under a bed, in a cabinet, under a desktop and so on where it is out of way and at the same time completely safe from theft.

3 FUBi under bed


by Ulf