The World’s Most Compact Full-sized Foldable Bicycle


  • FUBi weighs just 9kg! With a ultra light Titanium frame!
  • FUBi is the Fastest full-sized foldable road bike!
  • FUBi is world’s most compact full-sized foldable bike!
  • FUBi folds and unfolds without use of any separate tools
  • FUBi is foldable in two or even more diffrent ways


FUBi is high performace

FUBi is the fastest foldable bicycle on the market. It’s designed with a new revolutionary frame technology and to have a low overall resistance. In fact low resistance is imperative on a high performance bike. FUBi is therefore a bicycle where the ride is far better than most foldable bicycles. FUBi is a fast, safe and enjoyable-to-ride full-size bicycle!

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FUBi is optimum compactness

FUBi is the world’s most compact full-sized foldable bicycle. The result is a full size foldable bike that you can store practically anywhere. FUBi is small enough to safely FIT in a airport locker, or tucked out of the way in your flat. It folds up so small and compact, you can carry it onto a bus, plane, or train and fit it in the overhead compartment!

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FUBi is fast folded

There are two ways to fold FUBi: the fast way and the compact way. If it’s speed you want and size isn’t an issue then fold your FUBi the quick way and you’re ready to store it or transport it.  Therefore it is possible to use the way that best suite ones needs i.e. it is a flexible folding system. The “fast way” is also quite small. You can fit two FUBi in Smart car! Simply amazing!

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